The Best Flea Treatment For Your Pet


Fleas are among the major problems pet owners face. Fleas predate on all kinds of pets especially dogs and cats, but more on dogs. Controlling and treating your pets from fleas is so important for your pets and your family. However, there are various ways of treatment and medications that you need to choose from carefully. But, how do you really know that you have chosen the right one? You need to know all the different flea pet meds available first, then, learn how they work in curing and controlling the pests. The following are the main categories of meds you need to know about as a pet owner.

Oral flea medicines

Oral flea medications at mostly come in liquid and pill form. They also work from the inside out whereby they allow the pesticide to come out through the host’s skin and thereby killing the pests (fleas and ticks). Oral flea medications dosage lasts a few days and has little effects compared to topicals. However, oral flea meds also have side effects like the risk that it takes time for them to reach the skin thus, they sometimes cause discomfort to the pet. Major and popular oral flea meds include capstar, hartz and program.

Flea topicals

The advent of topicals really brought a major breakthrough in flea treatment. Flea topicals are in liquid form and they work by just applying a drop or two at the pet’s back. Frontline, advantage and revolutions are the major and popular brands of topicals and there are all effective in treating and controlling fleas and even ticks. Topicals are normally used together with other chemicals like methoprene since topicals alone don’t completely control the pests problem. This chemicals like methoprene are applied to the pets environment to prevent larvae to develop to adult pests. Before using these topicals ensure that they are first prescribed by your vet. Read more ways on how to get the best Flea Treatment for pets by visiting

Flea collars

Flea collars were introduced in 1964 having their original flea control product as collar. They have been the only flea med control in past years but still they are popular since they are considered safe. Their effectiveness however has been questioned sometimes. Flea collars meds works by slowly releasing small amounts of chemicals from the collars and which is supposed to spread across the pet’s fur. Flea collars have the disadvantage of controlling pests around and near the neck or collar area but the furthest and rare parts of the pet are decimally treated. The advantage of using flea collars is that they are effective at controlling ticks since ticks mainly attack the neck area and around the head and ears.

Therefore before choosing your best meds for your pets  ensure you do some research on them. However as a pet owner topicals may seem to be the best option for you. But ensure you keep them away from young pets and children. Get info here!


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